Zero Emissions Cities


Zero Emissions Cities

At the end of last year, Oxford City Council and Oxford County Council introduced joint proposals to become the first of the UK’s zero emissions cities, by establishing a Zero Emissions Zone in Oxford city centre, a plan that would see historic reductions in air pollution.

Arial shot of Oxford City Centre
Oxford City Centre

Oxford City Council’s plan to become the first in a series of zero emissions cities in the UK, includes the phasing out and eventual ban of petrol and diesel cars, taxis and busses by the year 2020. London has also announced similar plans, wanting to introduce the world’s first Ultra-Low Emission Zone to the capital by September 2020. The plan for Oxford city centre zone will expand as vehicle technology develops, with the ultimate goal to incorporate all vehicle types across the whole city by 2035. The aim is to significantly reduce the air pollution levels in the city centre by up to 75%!

The City Council, supported by the County Council, has already won £500,000 of Government funding to install charging points for electric taxis, and £800,000 of Government funding to install 100 electric charging points for Oxford residents so they can support the Zero Emission Zone.

Going forwards, more electric vehicle charging points will need to be installed to support the cities infrastructure and allow the widespread use of electric vehicles across Oxford.

Light Utility Vehicles in Zero Emissions Cities

All this progress is dependant on the vehicle technology being developed to support the goals of Oxford City Council. Having said that, having a fleet of versatile, reliable and professional looking light utility vehicles right now is a real possibility.

Electric light utility vehicles are comparable to their petrol or diesel equivalents at time of purchase, vital for any fleet manager looking to keep a tight lid on their budget. And despite charging costs, electric vehicles are significantly cheaper to run and maintain as they have minimal moving parts, lowering maintenance time and costs. Zero emissions cities would be able to easily operate fleets of electric light utility vehicles which could be used by all staff, as they’re well suited to fulling a whole range of jobs.


Cushman Hauler Pro in blue at workshop
Cushman Hauler Pro in blue with an aluminium tipping box

Golf Car UK Solutions

Hauler Pro green profile image
Cushman Hauler Pro in Blue

While we specialise in golf buggies, Golf Car UK has fleets of utility vehicles and passenger shuttles across the country. Vehicles like our Cushman Hauler Pro offer excellent functionality and flexibility while delivering up to a 50 mile range on a single charge. This makes them incredibly useful as delivery or support vehicles, especially in parks and pedestrianised ares, and more effective than conventional trucks or vans.

And there’s no reason that Zero Emission Cities couldn’t utilise the Cushman Hauler Pro to help them meet their environmental goals. They can be easily customised with logos and hazard stickers, there’s a full enclosed cab available as an option and beacon lights can be fitted.

What’s more, these vehicles can have their maximum speeds set, minimising risk to operators and the general public. The Hauler Pro can be made road legal too, allowing it to transit people, materials and tools between areas of busy Zero Emission Cities.

Golf Car UK can offer these eco friendly electric vehicles to your specification either as a purchase or lease, all backed up and supported by our team of factory trained engineers.

Contact Us on 0345 8055 494 or via the link below to talk to us about our range of electric vehicles as well as finance and security solutions.

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