The Perfect Balance of Performance and Efficiency

Refined to a tee

Combines proven reliability with the industry’s latest innovations

The EZGO® TXT® golf car combines proven reliability with the industry’s latest innovations to deliver a consistently smoother ride and greater energy efficiency.

Featuring a 48-volt electric drivetrain and TruCourse™ Technology, the EZGO TXT offers the perfect balance of performance and efficiency to your course.

  • Oversized Bagwell
  • Redesigned, More Comfortable Seats
  • Greater Dash Storage

E-Z-GO TXT in Ivory

Model Variants

TXT Electric

48V DC drivetrain

Hydraulic shock absorbers aid in a smooth ride

State of charge meter

TXT Petrol

13.5 HP petrol engine

Hydraulic shock absorbers aid in a smooth ride

Fuel Gauge

E-Z-GO TXT Features

Oversized Bagwell

Easily load, unload and transport even the largest sets of clubs


Keep your golfer's clubs dry even during the worst winter weather

Improved Dash

With cupholders, cubby space and plenty of space for all the golfing essentials

Contoured Seats

Improved contoured seating for greater comfort for golfers

Directional Selector

Robust forward, neutral, reverse selector for simplified operation

USB Outlet

An optional extra that can be fitted so golfers can charge their devices during play

E-Z-GO TXT Side Profile Overview
E-Z-GO TXT Front Profile Overview

Standard Features

  • E-Z-GO 4 Year Warranty
  • Folding Windscreen
  • Greater Dash Storage
  • Taller, Wider Cup Holders
  • Easy Access Ball Holders
  • Forward-Neutral-Reverse Switch for Simplified Operation
  • Redesigned, More Comfortable Seats
  • Stronger Hip Restraints
  • Oversized Bagwell
  • Energy Transfer Bumpers
  • 18" Turf Tyres


Welded steel with epoxy coating

Body & Finish

Injection-molded TPO

Available Colours

Forest Green

Overall Length

93.0 in (236 cm)

94.5 in (240 cm)

Overall Width

47 in (119 cm)

Overall Height (Top of Steering Wheel)

46.5 in (118 cm)

45.7 in (116 cm)

Overall Height (Top of Canopy)

67.5 in (171 cm)

68.5 in (174 cm)

Wheel Base

66.0 in (168 cm)

65.7 in (167 cm)

Front Wheel Track

34.0 in (86 cm)

35.5 in (90 cm)

Rear Wheel Track

38.5 in (97 cm)

38.0 in (97 cm)

Ground Clearance

4.5 in (11 cm)

3.3 in (8 cm)

Power Source

48 Volt

4-cycle, 24.5 cu in (401 cc) low emissions

Valve Train


Single cylinder OHV with hemispheric combustion chamber


3.0 hp (2.2 kW) Continuous

13.5 hp (10 kW)

Electrical System

48 Volt

Starter/generator, solid state regulator

Battery (Qty/Type)

Six, 8-volt deep cycle

One, 12-volt maintenance-free

Battery Charger

48 VDC PowerWise™ QE, 120 VAC, UL & CSA


Key or Pedal Start


Air Cleaner


Industrial-rated dry filter



Pressurised oil system

Oil Filter



Cooling System



Fuel Capacity


5.85 gallons (23.1 L)

Speed Controller

250-amp solid-state controller



Motor shaft direct drive

Automatic, continuously variable transmission (CVT)


Differential with helical gears

Gear Selection

Dash-mounted forward-neutral-reverse


Rear Axle Ration


11.42:1 (forward) 15.78:1 (reverse)

Seating Capacity

2 People


Weight w/o Batteries

557 lb (253 kg)

697 lb (316 kg)

Curb Weight

935 lb (424 kg)

747 lb (339 kg)

Vehicle Load Capacity

800 lb (363 kg)

800 lb (360 kg)

Towing Capacity

3 E-Z-GO golf cars with approved tow bars

Outside Clearance Circle

19.0 ft (5.8 m)


10.2-14.8 mph (16.4-23.8 kph) level ground

12 mph ± 0.5 mph (19.3 kph ± 0.8 kph)


Self-compensating rack and pinion

Double-ended rack and pinion

Front Suspension

Leaf springs with hydraulic shock absorbers

Independent A-arm coil over shock

Rear Suspension

Leaf springs

Mono-leaf spring

Service Brake

Rear wheel mechanical, self-adjusting drums

Parking Brake

Self-compensating, single point engagement


Turf 18 x 8.50-8 (4-ply rated)

Standard Colours

forest green, ivory

Premium 1 Colours

black, electric blue, platinum, flame red

Premium 2 Colours

inferno red, patriot blue, sunburst orange

E-Z-GO TXT Accessories List

Vehicle accessories may vary in style and colour from the images shown.