Cushman Shuttle 8

Moving More Guests More Easily

Moving large groups with minimal effort

8 seats allows you to ferry guests and staff around your site

The Shuttle 8 is an extended version of the Shuttle 6 hospitality vehicle from Cushman, It’s 8 seats, 6 forward facing and 2 rear facing, allow large groups to be moved around any site. Additionally the 2 rear facing seats can fold down to create a small cargo deck suitable for small loads.

Keep your crowds satisfied by transporting up to 8 people around your resort or facility with generous bench seating and a 1,600lb capacity. The Shuttle 8 can be powered by either a 72V electric or efficient petrol drivetrains, options which make the vehicle suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.

  • 72V Electric or petrol drive-train options
  • 8 Person seating
  • 1,600-lb capacity

Cushman Shuttle 8 in Electric Blue

Model Variants

Shuttle 8 Electric

72V Electric Drivetrain

1,600lb Vehicle Load Capacity

8 Passenger Seating

Shuttle 8 Petrol

13.5hp EFI Petrol Engine

1,600lb Vehicle Load Capacity

8 Passenger Seating

Cushman Shuttle 8 hero image main 04

Cushman Shuttle 8 Features

Bench Seating For 8 People

Comfortable & ergonomically designed seating capable of moving 8 people at a time.


Illuminate the path ahead and make yourself more visible to other people.

Turf Tyres

Providing plenty of traction while also being friendly to the grass around your establishment

Cushman Shuttle 8 Main 06
Cushman Shuttle Front Profile

Standard Features

  • Cushman Care 2 Year Warranty
  • 8 person capacity
  • 1600lb load capacity
  • Highly functional dash
  • Front lights
  • Rear lights
  • Limited slip-differential
  • 18" Turf tyres
  • Front bumper


Welded Steel w/ DuraShield™ Powder Coat

Body & Finish

Injection Moulded TPO

Standard Colours

Patriot Blue, Ivory

Overall Length

167.5 in (425 cm)

Overall Width

49.5 in (126 cm)

Overall Height (Top of Steering Wheel)

45.5 in (116 cm)

Overall Height (Top of Canopy)

76.0 in (193 cm)

Wheel Base

123.4 in (313 cm)

Front Wheel Track

36.0 in (91 cm)

Rear Wheel Track

38.0 in (97 cm)

Ground Clearance

3.0 in (8 cm)

Cargo Deck Capacity

400 lb (181 kg)

Power Source


4-Cycle, 24.5 ci (401cc)

Valve Train


Single Cylinder OHV


22.4 hp (16.7 kW)

13.5 hp (10.1 kW)

Electrical System



Battery (Qty/Type)

Six, 12 Volt Deep Cycle

Starter/Generator. Solid State Reg.

Battery Charger

1000 Watt, 72V, 120/230V VAC UL Listed

One, 12V Maintenance Free

Key or Pedal Start


Air Cleaner


Replicable Dry Cartridge



Pressurized Oil System

Oil Filter



Cooling System


Air Cooled

Fuel Capacity


6 Gallon (22 L) Tank

Speed Controller

350 Amp AC



Motor Shaft Direct Drive

Continuously Variable Transmission


Differential w/ Helical Gears

Gear Selection

Dash-Mounted Forward-Neutral-Reverse

Forward - Reverse

Rear Axle Ratio


11.47:1 (Forward) 14.35:1 (Reverse)

Seating Capacity

8 People

Weight w/o Batteries

1203 lb (546 kg)


Curb Weight

1695 lb (769 kg)

1265 lb (574 kg)

Vehicle Load Capacity

1600 lb (726 kg)

Bed Load Capacity

400 lb (181 kg)

Outside Clearance Circle

33 ft (10 m)


16.5 mph ± 0.5 mph (26.4 kph ± 0.8 kph)

16 mph ± 0.5 mph (26 kph ± 0.8 kph)


Self-Compensating Rack & Pinion

Front Suspension

Leaf Springs w/ Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

Rear Suspension

Leaf Springs w/ Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

Service Brake

4-Wheel Hydraulic Brakes Front Disk, Rear Drum

Parking Brake

Self-Compensating, Single-Point Engagement



Standard Colours

hunter green

Premium 1 Colours


Cushman Shuttle 8 Accessories List

Vehicle accessories may vary in style and colour from the images shown.

Cushman Shuttle 8 Main 03