Refresher Drop-In

Enhance your on-course customer experience

Make accommodating to your customers a breeze

Lightweight drop-in unit is designed to fit in the bed of any Cushman Hauler

The Cushman Refresher Drop-In is designed to transform any Hauler® 800, 800X, 1200, 1200X, Pro or Pro X into the ideal merchandise vehicle intended to grow revenue on your course. The lightweight, rotomolded design includes built-in handles on all four sides for easy installation and removal.

Two beverage compartments accommodate up to 290 cans and are equipped with bin dividers for increased organization. Stock, sell, and go with the Refresher Drop-In and exceed all your customers’ needs.

Refresher Drop-In Unit for Cushman Haulers

Refresher Drop-In in White

Model Variants

Drop In Refresher

Dry Storage Cabinet

Locking Cold Beverage Bins

Candy Trays

Beverage Divider

Optional consumable ice bin

Optional rear counter top for Hauler 1200 and Hauler Pro models

Refresher Drop-In Features


The drop-in unit fits the roto-moulded cargo bed of any Cushman Hauler with no tools required

Cold Storage

Insulated compartments with a capacity for up to 290 cans of beverages for your golfers

Locking Storage

Giving you confidence to leave the drop-in unit unattended if needed

Optional Rear Counter

Fits in the larger 12ft3 cargo beds of the Hauler Pro, Pro X, 1200 & 1200X

Valve Drain

Empty the water left once the ice has melted easily, there's even threading for a hose

Candy Tray

For those little freebies to entice your golfers to spend a little bit more with you

Hauler 800 Side Profile

Standard Features

  • Easy install with no additional hardware required
  • Rear facing ball valve drains with hose threading
  • Optional rear counter top for Hauler 1200 and Hauler Pro models
  • Locking Cold Beverage Bins
  • Dry Storage Cabinet


Foam Filled Roto-Moulded

Dry Storage


Can Capacity (800 Models)


Can Capacity (1200 & Pro Models)


Overall Length

30.44 in (77.32 cm)

Overall Length with Rear Counter

41.7 in (110 cm)

Overall Width

49 in (124.5 cm)

Overall Height

25.67 in (65.2 cm)

Overall Weight

80 lb (36 kg)

Standard Colours

Refresher Drop-In Accessories List

Vehicle accessories may vary in style and colour from the images shown.