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EZGO RXV ELiTE Demonstrator – Golf Car UK


We’ve just taken delivery of our RXV ELiTE demonstrator! And to say we’re impressed would be an understatement.

There aren’t any cosmetic changes when side by side with the standard RXV, other than the ELiTE badge on the dashboard, but when you lift up the seats you begin to see where EZGO’s technology revolution really makes it’s mark.

Samsung SDI battery on our RXV ELiTE Demonstrator

Normally we would find a selection of batteries, battery filling system, charger and controller. But our RXV ELiTE demonstrator only has black plastic shielding, with ‘Activated by SAMSUNG SDI’ moulded into the top. There’s just two terminals visible and plenty of stickers… and that’s it!

The ‘zero battery maintenance’ selling point is definitely a huge plus, there’s no filling system or extra leads to manage. Clubs around the UK will see this as a dream, it’ll make the every day tasks needed to keep a buggy fleet working and earning, a thing of the past.

A lack of batteries also equates to a lack of weight. 125kg less weight to be in fact! That’s going to be welcome news for all green keepers who will see their grass taking less strain.

Our RXV ELiTE demonstrator also has a few extra options, the premium seats look fantastic on the RXV anyway and just adds a touch of extra comfort. They were certainly notable during our test-drive and the performance of our RXV ELiTE demonstrator, delivered to us with half a charge, was consistent and very responsive on the throttle.

We’re certain that this technological revolution will more than just spark the interest of golf clubs around the country. Thanks to the zero maintenance lithium batteries, consistent performance, greater efficiency and the unprecedented 5 year warranty.

If you’d like more information about the EZGO RXV ELiTE, or would like to book a product demonstration, call Golf Car UK on 0345 8055 494

Utilising the 72V AC power & flexibility of the Hauler Pro Makes this Ball Picker Offer into a versatile work horse when not at the range, but still safe and secure for the driver while collecting range balls.

The Cushman Hauler Pro is quiet, versatile and with its 50 mile working range, thanks to its 72C AC drive-train, it is able to work all day without issues. We specially modify the vehicle by adding a full cage cab which can easily withstand ball strikes from golfers using the range, and fit a universal ball picker attachment to the front.

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Cushman Hauler Pro

Caged range vehicle & universal ball picker mounting


£170.00 per Month

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Package includes

  • Cushman Hauler Pro 72V AC utility vehicle
  • Protective cab
  • Universal ball picker mounting
  • Mainland UK Delivery

Cushman Hauler Pro plus 3 Gang Ball Picker

Caged range vehicle & Range Servant Light Multiflex ball picker


£210.00 per Month

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Package includes

  • Cushman Hauler Pro 72V AC utility vehicle
  • Protective cab
  • Universal ball picker mounting
  • Range Servant Light Multiflex
  • Mainland UK Delivery

Cushman Hauler Pro plus 5 Gang Ball Picker

Caged range vehicle & Range Servant Heavy Duty Multiflex ball picker


£230.00 per Month

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Package includes

  • Cushman Hauler Pro 72V AC utility vehicle
  • Protective cab
  • Universal ball picker mounting
  • Range Servant Heavy Duty Multiflex
  • Mainland UK Delivery

For more details on our 0% Ball Picker offer, please call 0345 8055 494 and we’ll be happy to discuss it in more detail.

Offer is in association with DLL for customers in the UK only

Finance for business purposes only. Applicants must be 18 years or older.

Subject to Terms & Conditions and credit approval, standard fees apply

ELiTE Series vehicles give you the lowest operating costs the industry has ever seen.

EZGO® has taken another leap forward with their golf car technology with its ELiTE™ Series vehicles. These revolutionary electric golf cars are powered by Samsung SDI lithium technology, offering high efficiency, zero maintenance as well as an unprecedented five year, unlimited amp hour, warranty!

50% More Efficient!

EZGO has utilised the potential of lithium battery technology that gives an all-day up time, while dramatically cutting energy costs.

All the EZGO ELiTE series vehicles use Samsung lithium cells in a single battery pack, which use less energy, charge in half the time and require less power from the mains than the leading acid battery competitor.

Reliable Performance!

It’s something you won’t even notice, because it is working so well! The consistent performance that the ELiTE series buggies offer over time, is one of the biggest differences between acid and lithium batteries.

This consistent performance means that you and your golfers have the acceleration and hill climbing power, all at the press of the throttle pedal.

Lighter Vehicles

Because the ELiTE series are powered by a much smaller set of batteries, they’re also lighter. Significantly lighter than the equivalent acid battery set

Subsequently the vehicle is less loaded, along with the turf. This makes the care of the vehicle and turf much easier.

Zero Maintenance Hours

With these lithium batteries, there’s no need to keep the water levels topped up and no need to keep terminals clean like acid batteries.

These batteries don’t require the labor and the time spent on them to keep them functioning, meaning your vehicles are running and earning more of the time.

Eco Friendly

These ELiTE batteries use less energy than a conventional set, and they also utilise a greener technology to produce them.

While also being cleaner to make and use, they also last significantly longer, so they spend more time driving your golf car and less time being recycled.

5 Year Warranty

You read that right. The ELiTE series batteries come with an unprecedented 5 year warranty, demonstrating EZGO’s confidence in the enduring reliability and performance of the technology.

This Unlimited Amp Hour warranty lowers the potential long term costs, so you and your club can eliminate out of warranty battery repair bills.

Proven Technology

The technology is already in use in electric cars, scooters and power tools. Putting lithium batteries in golf cars was a perfect match with an already existing electric vehicle.

And the system is all controlled by an advanced battery management system that monitors, battery health, state of charge, performance and efficiency.

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Find out more about this exciting new advancement in golf car technology, how the new Samsung SDI lithium power source fits into the vehicle and what advantages you and your golfers can gain from having these revolutionary buggies

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