Incredible 72V electric powertrain
That silences the opposition

With a 72 Volt electric drivetrain, the Hauler Pro X brings advanced AC electric power to your job site that is 25 percent more efficient than the equivalent DC options. The Hauler Pro X is based on the Hauler Pro, the differences include raised suspension along with aggressive tread tyres, so this eco friendly gets you to the job over any terrain.

But you’ll get more from the Cushman Hauler Pro X than just this vehicle’s extended 50 mile range, with up to a 500lb bed capacity, 12ft<sup>3</sup> cargo bed and limited slip differential, making sure the Hauler PRO X always shows up to work in any conditions.

  • New truck like design
  • Powerful & quiet 72V AC drivetrain
  • Customizable bed and large practical dash
  • 500lb bed capacity
  • 1,200lb towing capacity
  • Raised suspension
  • Optional IntelliBrake™ Technology

Cushman Hauler Pro X Features


Cushman 2 Year Warranty

All new Cushman Utility & Shuttle vehicles come with the Cushman Care 2 Year Warranty

72 Volt AC Drivetrain

Efficient AC performance with up to a 50 mile range. The Intellibrake technology is also available on this model as an optional extra

On Board Charger

Eliminates the need for housing an external charger, whilst simplifying the charging process

Limited Slip Differential

Added grip when on lose or uneven ground and added safety when ascending or descending hills

Higher Ground Clearance

The Hauler Pro X can handle your course’s toughest terrain

12ft3 Cargo Bed

Durable construction with build in partition guides and tie down points, an aluminium bed upgrade is also available

Aggressive Tread Tires

Excellent traction and stability on all types of terrain

Rear Hitch Receiver

The vehicle capable of towing up to 1200lbs, so getting extra materials & equipment to the job has never been easier

Front Bumper and Brush Guard

The bumper and brush add to the Hauler Pro's styling, while also offering a extra vehicle protection and durability


Safely navigate to your next job in at any time of day or night

Highly Functional Dash

A new and more functional layout, the redesigned Hauler Pro X has extra storage locations for added convenience

Industrial Roto-Molded Canopy

Offering the users a little extra comfort from the elements on warm or cold days (Optional Extra)

Standard Features

  • Cushman 2 Year Warranty
  • 72V AC Electric Drive-train
  • On Board Charger
  • Battery Filling System
  • Increased Ground Clearance
  • Premium Turf Tires
  • Highly Functional Dash
  • Customisable Cargo Bed
  • Headlights
  • Rear Lights
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Rear Hitch Receiver

= Electric Drivetrain Only
= Petrol Drivetrain Only


Welded Steel Durashield™ Powder Coat

Front Body and Finish

Injection Molded TPO

Rear Body and Finish

Injection Molded TPO

Standard Colour

Forest Green

Overall Length

119 in (302.26 cm)

Overall Width

49.4 in (126 cm)

Overall Height w/o Roof

53.0 in (135 cm) (Top of steering wheel)

Overall Height w/Struts & Roof

77.0 in (196 cm)

Wheel Base

77.5 in (197 cm)

Front Wheel Track

38.0 in (97 cm)

Rear Wheel Track

38.5 in (98 cm)

Ground Clearance

7.0 in (18 cm)

Cargo Box Width (Inside)

44.0 in (112 cm)

Cargo Box Length (Inside)

39.0 in (99 cm)

Cargo Box Depth (Inside)

12 in (30.5 cm)

Cargo Box Capacity & Material

12 cu ft (0.34 m3)/Roto-molded polyethylene

Power Source

72-Volts DC

Motor Type

AC Induction

Horsepower (kW)

22.4HP (16.7 kW) - Measured at Peak Torque

Electrical System

72 Volt

Batteries (Qty, Type)

Nine, 8-Volt Deep Cycle

Drive Train

Motor Shaft Direct Drive

Battery Charger

900 Watt 72V DC

Speed Controller

350 Amp AC

Gear Selection



Differential with Helical Gears

Rear Axle Ratio


Seating Capacity and Style

2 Persons - Bench

Dry Weight

948 lb (430 kg) (Without Batteries)

Curb Weight>(w/ Batteries)

1513 lb (686.29 kg)

Bed Load Capacity

500 lb (227 kg)

Vehicle Load Capacity

900 lb (408 kg)

Outside Clearance Circle

24.0 ft (7.3 m)

Speed (Level Ground)

16.5 mph +/- 0.5 mph (27 kph +/-0.8 kph)

Towing Capacity

1200 lb (544.31 kg) max load


Self-compensating Rack and Pinion

Front Suspension

Leaf Springs w/ Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

Rear Suspension

Leaf Springs w/ Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

Service Brake

Rear Wheel Mechanical Self-adjusting Drum

Parking Brake

Self-compensating, Single Point Engagement

Front Tyres

K500 20 x 8 - 10 (6 Ply Rated) Black Wheel

Rear Tyres

K500 20 x 8 - 10 (6 Ply Rated) Black Wheel

Coming Soon
Coming Soon

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