Unprecedented Performance & Efficiency

EZGO RXV ELiTE has taken a revolutionary step forward in golf car technology.

By utilising Samsung SDI lithium batteries, the same technology that powers electric cars, power tools, laptops and mobile devices, EZGO RXV ELiTE golf buggies gain improved performance, efficiency and reliability, along with significantly reduced weight and the lowest operating costs in the industry.

The RXV ELiTE lithium batteries are Zero Maintenance. Unlike contemporary lead-acid powered buggies they don’t require watering, terminal post checks and cleaning. The lithium batteries also weigh significantly less, just 320kg compared to the standard RXV 426kg, which makes the RXV ELiTE better for your turf!

What’s more, ELiTE series vehicles come with a 5 year, unlimited-amp-hour,  warranty. This underlies the belief EZGO have in the long term reliability and performance of their RXV ELiTE vehicles.


Unprecedented 5 Year Warranty

Each RXV ELiTE series golf buggy comes with a 5 year, unlimited amp hour warranty

Zero Maintenance Batteries

ELiTE golf buggies don't require the labour that lead-acid batteries require. No watering, terminal post checks or cleaning.

Higher Efficiency

The cutting edge Samsung SDI batteries use less energy, charge in less time and draw less power while charging.

Consistent Performance

ELiTE series buggies don't fade over time, whether they're new or 5 years old. Giving your golfers reliable performance

Proven Technology

Samsung SDI lithium batteries reliably power electric cars, e-scooters, power tools, tablets, mobile phones and more

Eco-Friendly Technology

Greener battery technology, lithium batteries last longer and spend more time driving your fleet.

25% Lighter Buggy

Just a fraction of the weight of lead-acid batteries, the RXV ELiTE take a significant load off your turf

Folding Windscreen

Giving a little extra ventilation for the EZGO ELiTE RXV's users on those warm summer days

Industry’s Largest Bagwell

Makes loading, unloading and transporting even the largest bags look easy

Ergonomic Seating

Recently improved contoured seating for greater comfort, with premium upgrade options available

Turf Tyres

Maintaining a comfortable ride while keeping the condition of your course pristine

Impact Resistant Bumper

A stylish, tough and durable essential that helps keep your vehicle looking pristine

Large Cupholders

Redesigned cupholders to give your guests a place to store their hot or cold drinks

State of Charge Meter

Reassures your guests that they won't get stuck half way round

Standard Features

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • ELiTE Lithium Maintenance Free Batteries
  • AC Drivetrain
  • On Board Charger
  • State of Charge Meter
  • 18" Turf Tyres
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Oversized Bag Well
  • Integrated Cup, Ball & Tee Holders
  • Energy Transfer Bumpers
  • Contoured, Ergonomic Seats
  • Folding Windscreen

= Electric Drivetrain Only
= Petrol Drivetrain Only


Welded steel with epoxy coating

Body & Finish


Standard Colour

Forest Green

Overall Length

94.5in (240cm)

Overall Width

47in (119cm)

Overall Height (no canopy)

45.7in (116cm) (top of steering wheel)

Overall Height (with canopy)

68.5in (174cm) (top of sun canopy)

Wheel Base

65.7in (167cm)

Front Wheel Track

35.5in (90cm)

Rear Wheel Track

38in (97cm)

Ground Clearance (at differential)

4.5in (11cm)

Power Source

48 Volt DC

Motor Type

48 Volt AC

Horsepower (kW)

4.4 hp (3.3 kW) continuous

Electric System

48 Volt

Batteries (qty/type)

Two, 48V Lithium ELiTE

Battery Charger

Lithium World Charger 48VDC (11 ft., 18 ft.) Cord

Speed Controller

235 Amp AC Controller

Drive Train

Motor shaft direct drive


Limited slip differential

Gear Selection

Dash-mounted forward-neutral-reverse (Integrated into key switch)

Rear Axle Ratio


Seating Capacity

2 Person

Dry Weight (without batteries)

658lb (298kg)

Curb Weight (with two Li-Ion modules)

707lb (320kg)

Vehicle Load Capacity

800lb (360kg)

Outside Clearance Circle

19.2ft (5.8m)

Ground Speed (level ground)

8-15mph (13-24kph) programmable

Towing Capacity

3 EZGO golf cars with approved tow bars


Double-ended rack and pinion

Front Suspension

Independent A-arm coil over shock

Rear Suspension

Mono-Leaf springs with hydraulic shock absorbers

Service Brake

Induction motor

Parking Brake

Automatic electro-magnetic

Front Tyres

Turf 18 x 8.50-8 (4-ply rated)

Rear Tyres

Turf 18 x 8.50-8 (4-ply rated)

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Coming Soon

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