Cushman Hauler 800 ELiTE – Lithium Powered Utility Vehicle


Working More Efficiently


Cushman have taken the ELiTE Lithium battery system that can be found on the E-Z-GO RXV ELiTE and used it to create the new Cushman Hauler 800 ELiTE! This latest variant of the hugely popular Hauler 800 utilises the 48V AC power train that can be found on the lead-acid powered version and makes it even more efficient!

Because the ELiTE Samsung SDI Battery technology doesn’t require any maintenance or battery watering, you can simply take the Hauler 800 ELiTE off charge and start your day. And because the system can also spot charge, you can top up the batteries as needed.


Cushman Hauler 800 ELiTE 5 Year Warranty
The Hauler 800 ELiTE comes with a 5 Year Battery Warranty


ELiTE Power & Performance


Like the RXV ELiTE, the Cushman Hauler 800 ELiTE’s efficiency is improved by being significantly lighter than the lead-acid equivalent, in this case 135Kg lighter, which means less impact on your turf. Despite the weight reduction, there’s no drop in performance, the 800 ELiTE is still able to carry a payload of up to 800lb and tow 900lb.


Cushman Hauler 800 ELiTE Zero Maintenance Batteries
Zero Maintenance ELiTE Lithium Batteries


Versatile & Customisable


The ELiTE version still features the┬áHauler 800’s fully customisable 8.4ft<sup>3</sup> cargo bed, canopy, windscreen, brush-guard, headlights and rear hitch receiver as standard. Some of the options include a powered tipping cargo bed, full cab, range ball cage, ball hitch, USB port and LED headlights,


135kg lighter than the lead-acid powered Hauler 800
135kg lighter than the lead-acid powered Hauler 800


So you get all the features you’d expect from a Cushman Hauler 800, and now you also get:

  • 5 Year Battery Warranty
  • Zero Maintenance Batteries
  • Consistent Performance
  • Increased Range
  • Faster charging times
  • Decreased Energy Costs

The Hauler 800 ELiTE is going to be popular with clubs and green-keepers thanks to its greater efficiency, increased availability and lighter weight all combined with the superb performance that all Cushman Haulers deliver effortlessly.

To find out more about this revolutionary utility vehicle, call Golf Car UK on 0345 8055 494.

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