Hauler Cargo Bed Canopy

Cushman Hauler Pro with Bed Canopy

We’ve added a new option for our Cushman Haulers, a rear cargo bed canopy which provides a light-weight & weather-proof cover for the roto-moulded cargo bed, and can be fitted to the all our Cushman Hauler and Cushman Hauler X vehicles.

Our design uses a light-weight frame to support the canopy, this is secured to the roto-moulded 12ft3 cargo bed with straps and still allows the bed to tip as before. The frame can be customised with shelves and racks so you can organise your tools and equipment. Access to the bed is via the zipped flap which can be rolled up and kept open if required thanks to two clips at the top.

Like our aluminium box options, this offers a dry and versatile storage space for moving large quantities of materials and equipment to where they’re needed. The biggest advantage of the canopy is that it’s significantly lighter than the aluminium box option, meaning that the same vehicle will keep more of it’s range. The other advantage over the box is that the canopy and frame can be easily removed incase the need arises.

The cargo bed canopy can be further customised and can be ordered in a number of different colours, with company branding too, should you wish.

The Cushman Hauler Pro X shown here also has an all weather cab, tow hitch and mirrors fitted. Other options available include:

  • led light bars
  • hazard beacons
  • all terrain tyres
  • alloy wheels

If you want any further information on the cargo bed canopy, the Cushman Hauler range or any of our vehicles, parts & accessories, then send us a message or call us on 0345 8055 494.

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