Customised RXV buggy

We’ve delivered another customised RXV buggy to one of our customers. This electric RXV golf buggy has been modified with a lockable aluminium rear box and features clips to store long hand and hooks to hang other equipment from. This option is essentially a smaller version of the large laundry boxes we’d put on vehicles like the Cushman Shuttle 2.

The aluminium rear box fitted to this customised RXV buggy features internal shelves allowing the user to organise their storage and locking doors should they need to keep items in there during the day or even overnight. Of course if you’re after something similar, but with a different purpose in mind, the inside and outside of the box can be setup differently to meet your needs. The E-Z-GO RXV keeps it’s great performance, and thanks to the motor-brake, it’s superb safety features.

The RXV shown here doesn’t have any additional options fitted to it, however they can be spec’d with:

  • all weather covers
  • head lights
  • rear lights
  • indicators
  • hazard beacons
  • mirrors
  • different tyres if required

If you would like any further information about this, any other┬ácustomised RXV buggy or any of the parts that we’ve featured, then send us a message or call us on 0345 8055 494.

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