Utility Buggy

Perfectly for supporting specialist tasks

Ideally suited for as a support vehicle

Our utility buggy adds a small cargo bed to a new or used golf car, allows it to function as a light utility vehicle. Our customised RXV utility vehicles are in use across the country at golf courses, garden centres, private estates, airfields & ports.

The cargo bed attachment can be fitted to both new RXVs and RXV ELiTEs, as well as other new and used E-Z-GO & Cushman vehicles. We can also supply kits for most other makes & model of golf car.

– can be fitted to new & used golf cars
– steel and plastic cargo bed options
– options include: lights, beacons, extended roofs, cargo bed canopy

Light Utility Conversion

The addition of a small cargo bed can help increase the users productivity, the RXV utility is ideally suited to being a support vehicle at airfields and ports to transport people and essential equipment.

Optional Extras

Our RXV utility buggy is available with a range of optional extras, including:
– lights
– beacons
– cargo bed soft canopy
– extended roof

A Utility Buggy Can Be Fitted To

The Utility Buggy replaces what is on the rear of the following vehicles

Standard Features

  • Small cargo bed customisation
  • Fits both new and used vehicles
  • Kits available for other major makes & models
  • Optional cargo bed canopy available

Standard Colours