Flip-Flop 4 Seat Kit

Our Most Popular Customisation

Practicality and Flexibility In One Package

The rear seat folds down to create a small cargo bed, hence "Flip-Flop"

The Flip-Flop customisation allows you to easily transport 4 people around your site. Or fold dow the rear set to create a cargo deck which can be utilised to carry tools, equipment or materials. This makes the any flip-flop vehicle on your site a flexible and highly versatile addition to your fleet.

It’s our most popular conversion and we have fitted them to both the RXV and RXV ELiTE¬†for use in hotels, theme parks, museums, hospitals and at ports & airports.

Flip-Flop kits can be sold separately to the vehicle and are available for most major makes and model of golf car. If required, we can also supply an extended roof to cover the rear facing passengers.

– flip-flop rear seat
– comfortable transportation for up-to 4 people
– coverts into a light cargo bed
– available separately for multiple makes and models of golf car

Highly versatile

When in use as a rear cargo deck the flip-flop conversion is perfect for moving luggage about a site. This is especially popular with hotels, ports and theme parks due to the flip-flops versatility.

Multiple fitting options

We’re able to supply vehicles fitted with the rear seats, but if you already have the vehicle we can supply the kit and even have our engineers fit it to your golf car at your site.

A Flip-Flop 4 Seat Kit Can Be Fitted To

The Flip-Flop 4 Seat Kit replaces what is on the rear of the following vehicles

Standard Features

  • Flip Flop rear seat
  • Rear foot rest
  • Rear grab bar
  • Converts into light cargo bed
  • Available for most makes & model of golf car

Standard Colours

Flip-Flop 4 Seat Kit Accessories List

Vehicle accessories may vary in style and colour from the images shown.