Ball Picker & Cage Cab

Modified range ball collection buggies

Ball cage fitted utility vehicles

A ball picker is an essential tool for anywhere that operates a driving range, and our Cushman Haulers make the ideal vehicles to fill this role. The advantage of using a Cushman Hauler is that along with the power and load capacity to move a ball picker attachment, it is also hugely versatile being able to tow up to 1500lbs* and even put the Refresher Drop-In unit in the rear bed.

Golf Car UK can supply full ball picker solutions to meet the needs of your driving range. This can include either the Range Servant 3 or 5 gang ball collectors or just the vehicle with ball cage & picker attachment to fit your existing ball collector.

Range Servant Light 3 Gang Collector
Range Servant Heavy Duty 3 Gang Collector
Range Servant Light 5 Gang Collector

Ball Picker Mounting Frame

The frame extends out in front of the vehicle to give the collector gangs plenty of clearance so that they can be easily manoeuvred around obstacles.

Golf Car UK can fit different style frames or attachments depending on what ball collector you’re using or planning on purchasing.

Ball Cage Cab

The ball cage varies from the standard cab by using toughened front and rear screens along with the metal cage doors to offer protection from incoming shots.

While mesh style and netting fitted doors are available, we recommend using the official Cushman Hauler ball cage kit.

A Ball Picker & Cage Cab Can Be Fitted To

The Ball Picker & Cage Cab replaces what is on the rear of the following vehicles

Standard Features

  • Ball Cage Cab
  • Universal Ball Picker Mount
  • Range Servant 3 or 5 gang ball collectors available
  • Compatible with all Cushman Hauler vehicles

Standard Colours

Ball Picker & Cage Cab Accessories List

Vehicle accessories may vary in style and colour from the images shown.