Army Parachute Association ELiTE delivery


We’ve just delivered a new E-Z-GO RXV ELiTE buggy, fitted with a rear box, to the Army Parachute Association at Netheravon Airfield – the home of the British Army’s The Red Devils Parachute Display Team

RXV ELiTE next to control tower
RXV ELiTE outside the Netheravon Airfield control tower

There have been hangars at Netheravon since 1913, and in fact it’s believed to be the oldest military airfield, in continuous use, in the world. The latest arrival is the Army Parachute Association’s new E-Z-GO RXV ELiTE buggy, perhaps not the most significant moment in the airfields 105 year history but it’s a useful tool supporting their daily flight operations.

Perfect for the role

Taking the standard RXV ELiTE golf car and fitting a rear cargo box, this buggy will now be transporting personnel, power packs, and items such as aircraft chocks all over the airfield. The power packs are used to start the Cessna Grand Caravan drop-plane, an aircraft that over the summer will regularly make 20 ascents every day! By using these packs they actually help to reduce the wear & tear on the aircraft and make it possible to get up as often as they do.

Other duties that the APA’s new ELiTE buggy will be required to perform is to ferry personnel all over airfield, including taking drivers over to their fuel tanker and ground handlers to waiting aircraft. The extra range offered by the ELiTE’s lithium batteries was one of the reasons the Army Parachute Association chose the RXV ELiTE, possibly the biggest factor was the maintenance free lithium batteries and the reduced weight of the buggy which makes the vehicle much kinder to the grass airfield, even when it’s really soft underfoot.


Army Parachute Association


APA RXV ELiTE will take drivers over to their other support vehicles

The APA was founded in 1962 after vigorous and persistent campaigning by Lt Col Dare Wilson MBE, MC, commanding officer of 22nd SAS. Prior to then, various military units had formed their own clubs and operated independently. Initially the APA had no permament basebut travelled, with their aircraft, to any drop zone available, the only rules being that the pilot and plane had to be fuelled and carefully looked after! The APA is a not-for-profit organisation and uses all income generated to continually improve both the services and facilities for it’s members.

One thing that has never changed is the enthusiasm and spirit of APA members. To this day they are still producing some of the best parachutist in the UK, many of whom regularly represent Great Britain on the World Stage. The APA support more military jumpers than ever and subsidise veterans, TA and reservists as well as serving servicemen and women. The Army Parachute Association also regularly host National competitions and are fast gaining the reputation for being a premier competition venue in the UK. What’s more, through tandem jumps, the APA are supporting a huge array of Charities and have assisted in raising a lot of money for thousands of charities all over the UK.

If you’re an experienced skydiver, want to learn to skydive or just want to experience skydiving via a tandem jump, head over to and the APA will be happy to help you achieve your goal!

RXV ELiTE in front of jump plane
The Cessna jump plane that the RXV ELiTE will be supporting


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