Trojan T-875 - 8 Volt Batteries


Trojan T-875 - 8 Volt Batteries

Now £109.00 + Vat


The No. 1 Golf Car Battery in the World!!!

Was £160.05 + Vat

With more than 98% of America's top courses using Trojan Batteries you may ask... why? Trojan invented the golf car battery back in 1952 and it's been making superior products ever since.

Check under the seat of your electric golf car and you are likely to see Trojan deep cycle batteries.

Built to deliver superior performance, durability and reliability, these batteries are Trojan's flagship line and can meet the challenges of the toughest, hilliest courses in the world.

8 Volt batteries are mainly used in 48 volt electic vehicles, if you require help or assistance please don't hesitate to call us on 0845 8055 494 and we will be more than happy to help.

Product Code: T875ELP

264 mm
181 mm
276 mm
29 kg





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